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Rotherham Mental Health Sites

Client: Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber NHS Trust (‘RDASH’)

Location: Rotherham

Cost: £680k

Area: N/A

Project Type: Therapeutic & Learning

The external environments of the ‘RDASH’ sites (The Woodland Centre and Swallownest) were designed specifically for proposed users’ requirements, namely Older Person Mental Health and Acute PICU. This involved gaining a deep understanding of the specific needs and opportunities for developing therapeutic gardens to aid rehabilitation. Consultations were undertaken by the client and were interpreted by the practice to create a diverse range of domestic, safe and secure open and private spaces that allow people to use them in the way they wish. Gardens at the site provide opportunities to grow plants, walk off aggressive behavior, undertake quiet contemplation and managed group activities.

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The path network and surfacing is designed in accordance with good practice to reduce decision making in dementia patients, also providing a safe, even surface to walk (or fall) on. A significant amount of development was focussed on refurbishing existing facilities. Courtyards were cleared of services and clutter and transformed into usable, tranquil and sociable spaces with high biodiversity value within tight cost and access constraints. Both schemes were completed in 2012.