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Client: London Festival of Architecture

Location: London Victoria

Cost: £8,000 (if completed)

Project Type: Competitions / Temporary

‘Act-Moss-Cycle’ was our response to the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) Cycle Parking Competition (2021). Our entry ‘Act-Moss-Cycle’ is the UK’s first and only fully-accessible cycle modular system. The intervention was design to create a large impact to help promote LFA’s 2022 theme of ‘Act’, which in turn gave more surface area for securely attaching bicycles and ‘air-purifying’ Moss. Inspired from inception by moss, a plant that would naturally grow in the space if left. Moss proved to be the perfect plant, inspiring key elements of the proposal including the modularity, density and overall layout. XQLA, along with our team of consultants including, Access Included, Jane Simpson Access, Martin Higgitt Associates and WorkingpArts; managed to make the shortlist.

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